I need to get this stuff moving.....really!
Prices listed below don't include shipping, but you can roughly add $5 dollars to each item for domestic Priority shipping. For accurate shipping prices please Private Message me with your zip code.

I've tried to describe everything in the description as accurately as possible. Therefore please make every chance to ask questions you want and i'll try to answer you questions.

Olympus OM-10, Zuiko 50mm f1.8 Lens, FC Manual Shutter Adapter – $45
I purchased this OM-10 as a compliment to my OM-2SP, but just don't need this. This camera is in fully working order, i've tested with a roll of film–you can see the shots on my tumblr, comes with new 357 batteries. Comes with Zuiko 50mm f1.8, no fungus or haze in the lens. Clean viewfinder, and a clean mirror. Light seals have been replaced, the exterior has a peeling piece of leather; see picture.

Canon AV-1, Canon FD 50mm f1.8 – $35
This is a pretty good condition AV-1. Comes with a working battery, I've ran a test roll through it, as seen on my tumblr. Light seals OK, though it needs a new mirror bumper. I have replaced the film rewind crank, as it was broken when I got it. The 50mm Lens is clean with a few dust marks.