I've been sitting on these for quite a while, trying to decide if I want to use them or not, whether I wanted to focus my efforts and wallet at 35mm or 8x10, and I've finally made the choice: big cameras just do it for me more than little ones.

So, I've got for your buying pleasure a selection of Mint in Box Nikon accessories, from the F-era, as the signature Nikon 'F' is the only thing on the boxes. Not 'F-2' or 'F-3,' just simple, monolithic 'F.' These goodies will make some Nikon collector or macro junkie really, really happy.

We'll go smallest to largest:

Nikon Extension Rings, Model K. A Complete set consisting of K1, K2, K3, K4, and K5, all is pristine, anodized black beautiful condition. They'll be coming to you in a very nice leather case, whose liner is starting to separate from the leather body, and with instruction manual, all in their original box, which is sadly somewhat less than mint, but structurally sound. We'll go with $40 for these. I've dinked around with them, and they're quite handy for doing basic macro work.

Nikon Slide Copying Adapter PS-5. That pretty much says it all. Its in its original bag, in its original box, which is somewhat scuffed, but the adapter itself is absolutely mint. The bellows on it are pristine, and chrome is mirror-shiny. Because I doubt many people are duping their own slides these days, I'll let this one go for a solid $30.

Finally, the big chief. Nikon Bellows Focusing Attachment PB-5! As with the others, this bad boy is mint in a moderately scuffed box, though it still has its plastic wrapper. The chrome is show-car shiny, and the bellows themselves are just as good as the Swiss bellows on my 8x10. All knobs present, everything working as it should be. As a special bonus, I'm including an equally mint-condition Macro Adapter Ring BR-2, because its intended to go with these bellows. I'll ask $80 for the PB-5 Bellows, including the BR-2 ring, or, if anyone wants just the BR-2, it'll be $15.

To reiterate: everything is in absolutely mint condition, excluding boxes, which are all structurally sound, but DO show signs of wear. Everything includes its original box.

I've done my homework on these, and know that Nikon accessories from this era are particularly sought-after, and I know that these are among the more practical accessories from the entire Nikon range. I think my prices are reasonable, but if you don't, shoot me an offer. I'm open to negotiation.

Prices all include shipping in appropriately-sized USPS flat-rate boxes. Payment can be by Paypal (tack on that extra 3%, or if you're a student, don't tack it on), money order, or check (which obviously must clear). Happy trails, all.