For sale this evening is an absolutely beautiful, nearly mint Omega 4x5 glass negative carrier. I've never used it, it came with an Omega D-II that I parted out. I'm a Beseler guy, myself. The glass is pristine, there are no major scuffs, and few, if any, minor marks either. The only thing I can't vouch for is what looks like a serial number written near the hinge side, visible in the photograph. Dunno if that's supposed to be there or not. Or well.

I'd like to see $50, including shipping in an appropriately sized USPS flat-rate box. Offers and negotiations are certainly welcome. If it weren't for the glass, I'd put it in an envelope, but I want this to get there in the same condition I'm describing it in. Payment can be via Paypal (add 3%, or don't add it if you're a student), MO, or check, which should conveniently not bounce. Happy hunting!