For all your camera building, repair, or modification needs, I bring you this:

A complete 4x5 Graflex Graflok back assembly, ready to use. Broke a spring on your Speed Graphic? No problem. Building a 4x5 camera or reducing back and want to use all those nifty Graflok accessories? Look no further!

This piece is in very nice condition, just a few scuffs shy of mint condition. There's a little paint wear, and the sports viewfinder is a replacement, but everything else is totally fine. Only other thing worth mentioning is that when I had this mounted on a speed graphic of mine, I marked on the ground glass in pencil the frame lines of my 6x7 roll film holder. The pencil will wash off with soapy water, no problem. I'm even including a complete set of original screws for the back, so you can mount it with certainty, originality, and no problems from screw heads sticking up where they shouldn't be.

I'm asking $50 for this, shipped to your door, and I think that's pretty reasonable. If you don't, send me an offer, lets talk.

Payment can be via Paypal (with the addition of %3 in fees, which I waive for fellow students), a MO, or a check, which is expected to clear.

Best wishes!