OK. Time to start planning the next installment of the beach saga. For those who haven't yet made it to the cottage at Pleasure Beach, in Waterford, CT, I'd like to try to convince you that a day at the beach can be just that, plus food, beverage and lots of good conversation. The location, albeit humble, is good for all of the above and, so far, the company has been well worth the effort. This year I want to get lots of people to visit Seaside Regional Center with large format cameras, as long as it's still accessible (the state just sold it!) as well as the usual Harkness romps and portraits in the yard.

As usual, there should be a "gear or whatever" trading table, though I don't have as much to give away this year; time for showing off your prints and far too much food (details to follow.)

Think about it... Beach, buddies, beer... What's not to like? Kids enthusiastically welcomed.