It's interesting that BH photo in NY lists a different calibrator for each model monitor if you bring up the accessories list. What's the best inexpensive model that will work? I bought a new monitor and I can tell you that APUG looks much different than my old one, no big surprise here. I agree that one is needed for critical work. I now have a Samsung LED syncmaster and it's light years ahead of the LCD I had.

Just a suggestion, I don't want to start something here but I'd be greatly appreciative if you could move the help "button" away from directly on top of the new posts "button". On my iPhone I keep bringing up the HELP page instead of the new post page. Or... move the Help to the left to match the indention of the PHOTOCENTRIC LTD. NETWORK "button". That would take care of the problem I'm having and would look fine to. It's probably easier to move the right three items to the left than relocate HELP.

Thanks for the hard work, I've been migrating from the old to the new computer and it's no easy task, you fix one problem and another one comes up until you get no errors and everything runs as you want it to.