Yep, good old "guesstimate' focusing. There are fancier names for it, and even some articles at various web sites about how to do it. Mainly practice, practice, practice, and learn to take advantage of the DOF scale on the lens. Also, depending on whether your Ikon was an import model or not, the numbers on the focus wheel might be in either feet or meters, so that has to be taken in account (hint: if the numbers on the focusing part of the lens start with 1 or 1.5 it's meters, if they start around 3 or 4 it's in feet.) I have a Super Ikonta that originally had a crack in its lens so I found another one (with a reportedly much more desirable Tessar lens) and swapped lenses. Then an odd minor dilemma showed up - the uncoupled rangefinder was in meters and the numbers on the lens were - you guessed it - in feet. I just multiply the rangefinder number by three, and get in the general ballpark. Folders are great fun, and easy to take everywhere, so you should be in for some good times with your new camera.