It's a great unit. I like to use a bare tube, and that's one of the options available with it. I don't have the real bare one, but I do have the tube with the white plastic covering that gives 360 illumination. That might be a bit better for most uses, anyway, and as I recall the price on it is (or was) better. My main use for it was to do informal portraits in work environments, generally in smallish, light colored interiors. By adjusting distance from the subject and compensating by changing the focal length - assuming the perspective works - you can adjust the mix of direct and ambient light. It gives a wonderful softness with a crisp element contained within it. The farther away you get, the ambient element becomes more dominant. Most of the time, in offices, I liked it at around 5.6 - 8 feet. At 4 feet, it started to look a bit too much like on camera flash, and at 11 feet it began to get a bit bland.

It even has an infrared head available, just in case you want to photograph the folks in the front row in a movie theater.

Since I'm no longer shooting commercially or editorially, I don't get to use it much these days.