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From my experience... The Spottie was also my dad's camera, he bought it in Japan in the early 70s, with a 55/1.8, 200/4, 17/4 fisheye and close up accesories. I later added a couple of Vivitar zoom lenses and some russian Zenits.
When I learned to take pictures, he let me use his Zeiss Ikon Contessa first and then I was allowed to use the Spottie. I guess I learned how to use that camera real well, since I used it until I got to college and was able to buy a Nikon FE2 and a succesion of cameras ever since.
However I always go back to the Spottie. The size and feel of it is very comfortable to me, the controls are postioned where they should be. Drawbacks: the viewfinder could be brighter, you have to meter light stopping down the lens, and it lacks a hot shoe for flash. The metering is not spot but centerwighted meter me thinks.

I have acquired another one for not so much money and I'm happy with it, I'll have to send it for a CLA soon. I found Sekor and Asahi lenses disguised as Sears or JCPenney here so I can;t complain.

Now I'm saving my buck$$$ for a Pentax 645, which I think is a spotmatic in steroids.

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Titrisol - I love the size and age of the Pentax Spotmatic. Do you have any more info? Cheers, Nicole