Pentaxuser is correct that I wanted a 24x36mm picture in a larger frame, however I used a mask around the negative, so the frame is white instead of black. It seems to enhance the window effect.

Ralnphot, the other problem with just cutting out from the contact sheet, which I actually made, as I always do, I couldn't manipulate individual prints doing it that way. Although, I have to admit it's not easy dodging and burning a 35mm print.

Mark, I think 6x7 is my next step, if I can figure out why I get such poor negatives from my RB. Perhaps it's just because I don't use it as much as the FM2 and I just need more practice with it, but I have yet to get a single good frame with that camera.

BTW, just out of curiosity, how was the book bound. Did you do it yourself, or was it done by a specialist? I've often thought about binding a book of photographs, since I've done a few regular books myself, but it seems to me, silver prints present some special problems in binding.