Hi Nicole,

I'd second Morten's vote for the N80 (or the F80 as we Brits call it!). I've had one for over four years now and rate it very highly indeed. It is a bit smaller than the N90X and I find it handles really well. The ergonomics are bob on, for me. The best bet for yourself is to handle one and see what you think.

It's a little smaller too than the equivalent Canon. The Canon wins out on features like motorwind and mirror lockup but strangely loses out on spotmetering (the Canon has a partial meter), a cable release, selectable gridlines in the 'finder and (for me) ergonomics.

The possible fly in the ointment is that an N80 will not meter through non-AF lenses. Why Nikon chose to do this truly *stupid* thing with an otherwise brilliant camera you'll have to enquire from them but, if you have a lot of manual lenses and don't want to change them, then this is not the body for you (and I'd look carefully at other newish Nikon bodies for the same problem before parting with any cash, too!).

If you dislike the N80 (there's no accounting for taste! ) and can bear to part with your lenses then take a look at the Minolta Dynax 5. It's very small, has great features and Minolta do some good glass. Personally I don't find the ergonomics as intuitive as the N80 and the non-standard Dynax hotshoe may be an issue for you, but it is a very good camera.

Hope this helps. Feel free to PM me with any other questions you may have.

All the best,