Ok, I think I have a problem. I will, again (3rd time) recommend the Minolta Dynax 7. No, I'm not on comission from Minolta. As I've said in other threads, it is a brilliant camera, with a great quality/cost ratio, loaded with features that you can simply turn off if wished, great, bright viewfinder, very ergonomical. I own the camera for a short time, but I'm really pleased with it. It is suposed to have the fastest AF in the world. I canīt say that, because I have a slow Sigma lens, and to me it seems a bit slower then my old Pentax MZ-50. The downsides are: there is the rumour that Minolta is discontinuing it, because of their new DSLR; there are known compatibilty issues with third-party lenses, especially Sigma; and it is a bit noisy. But it can do 1/8000th of a second, so, we must expect some noise from the mirror. Just my two cents.