I'm shooting a wedding this summer. I visited the church the other day. The grounds have a particularly unique 1000+ year old tree with a 2-seater bench beneath it. A photo of it is on this photo book page ran by the church :


My question regards how to group my wedding shoot as the couple have said they would like the tree to feature in them. My initial view was to have the bride and groom sat down on the bench with significant others to the side and behind the bench. I can't see how else to do it as the bench will just get in the way otherwise.

I'm unsure though because I have never seen a wedding photo where the couple are sat down with their significant members stood around them. Is this a composition that is sometimes done to good effect, or should it be discouraged if at all possible?

Happy for any other suggestions.

PS - As far as I could tell by my first visit, at the time of the wedding, the sun will be to the right and slightly behind the photographer; a 16:00 position, if using a clock based system, 12:00 being the position of the bench.

I will be using Fuji 400H or 800Z if it it particularly dull.