i'd do a semicircle to block the stones bride groom on bench
or have the keepers remove them for the day
i'd also take some with the headstones
bride groom standing on walk underneath tree blocking upright stone on right
the entire lineup in front of the bench left to right hiding all but upper trunk and foliage crown
maybe parents sitting on bench with them standing
maybe long line of guests on walk to block all stones to the right bridegroom on bench
maybe there is a composition somewhere if you have them stand on the bench
i dont know if thats etiquette
i don't if that's the correct way to say "not etiquette" ..how do you say that, im blank
maybe do some "daily routine" photos on the bench or on the grounds there
have him take his spot on a burial plot since his life is over ...I wouldn't do that, not even on the backside of the plot ..ever
candid shots of kids are always great no matter what background
but it's a cemetery

if you don't have enough guests or desserts just knock on the tree and ask for the elves