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Vivitar released one around a year ago (OK, I agree that Vivitar isn't one of the big makers, that their reputation has gone down a long way since their Series 1 days & have to say that the last Vivitar lens that I had, a 500mm mirror, was awful beyond belief)

Here is a link to a review: http://www.crunchgear.com/2009/05/18...nual-film-slr/
FWIW, the timing claims on this are a bit off -- although it could be that Vivitar waited a while before introducing it in some markets. I bought a used Vivitar V3800N in 2005. It was in excellent condition when I bought it, and I don't know how old it was -- it could be the original purchaser just kept it for a month and then put it up on eBay. I didn't get most of the extras mentioned in the review -- just the camera, 50mm lens, and strap. I'm satisfied with the camera -- but I own several others with varying feature sets, so if I want a motor drive or auto exposure or a bigger format I've got other options.