Fascinating. Thanks for doing the research.

The bit about latent image decay reducing the perborate's potential is especially interesting to me. A few years ago I toyed with the idea, but never got around to trying perborate (I've still got a bottle of solution I mixed up 5 or 6 years ago).

Now, I suspect that if I would have tried it on the 50 rolls of 220 film I usually shoot in Europe, the results would've been disappointing. It usually takes at least one month from the time I start shooting the first roll until I get home and start developing.

I can testify that latent image decay is not a problem with low light latensification on films that have been exposed as much as 6 to 8 weeks before development. I guess I could theorize that low light latensification is one way to compensate for holding films for extended periods before developing. (Obviously, I'm not suggesting that latensification should be used on a roll of film that grandma took 10 years ago... the fog would be horrendous)

Thanks again.