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Love small prints and just got the Kertesz Early years book of contact prints. I'm hoping to start contact printing 645 size. Not having done much conventional printing (I've been mostly developing and scanning negs) I'm looking for a way to start conventional printing and as I'm about to move house am not ready to get a darkroom/enlarger going yet.
To get going it's been suggested I use Fotospeed MG RC paper and selenium tone it (I was told it works better than Ilford RC for this). But would a graded paper be more suitable?
How would others go about it without getting to exotic (I'm not ready for Pyro, Amidol etc...)
Many people suggest using RC paper for contact prints if they're for making contact sheets of rollfilm negatives, for general perusal and such. But for finished prints I'd suggest going with fiber-based paper. It doesn't take any more room, just a bit longer washing time, but the results are much better. If you like Kertesz's prints, fiber paper is going to look closer to what he printed with. I'd recommend any of the eastern-European brands for a good start. I like the look of glossy fiber paper. A bit of selenium toning can add that special look.

Good luck and hope to see your results.