Hi guys,

I've been quite keen to try some Kodak Double-X for a while. There was a big thread over on Rangefinder Forum with examples... really gorgeous film, quite a distinctive old-fashioned look.

These days it seems it's a motion picture film only, you can get it in 400ft lengths only. Of course it's unavailable in New Zealand. I contacted Kodak but got quoted $350 or so for a 400ft length, which works out a little over $5 a 36-exposure roll. The big part of that was shipping.

Film Emporium sells 400ft rolls for $US150 each. Shipping to New Zealand works out at $US86 for that. It will really only make sense to order a few 400ft rolls at once, shipping-wise. It'll take me way to long to polish off 400ft as it is (that's about 70 rolls), so I was wondering if there was anybody else who was keen to try Double-X and wanted to make an order at the same time to reduce shipping costs?

I'm new here, so if you lot are already doing the occasional bulk order of film/paper etc. then please point me in the right direction