hey all,

got this today, but I wasn't expecting to have to put THIS much work into getting it working fine and dandy. So it needs a new home. I'm just looking to break even for what I paid for it after shipping.

As you can tell by the pictures, the camera is somewhat of a "beater", but it could be a great project camera for someone who has the time(NOT me right now ).

the old, crappy(not usable at all) bellows are included, so when you get a replacement bellows made you can have somewhat of a reference to go from.

the packard shutter works nicely, the rubber tube is a tad old, but it and the bulb still work fine. Shutter has become disconnected somewhat from the front standard, two screws have stripped the wood.

there is a extension rail(for the rear) that is included, along with a "darkcloth, I think its rubberized canvas or something, its quite thin).

8x10 ground glass is somewhat dirty, but its in good, perfectly usable condition.

everything locks down nicely, the rear tilt gear works fine, even after all these years of use the camera's had.

camera case is included in the sale

Camera is sold as-is, no returns. Paypal "gift" please.

$250 OBO shipped in the USA.