5222 is a nice film, but it is a drag having to transfer it onto 100' spools then into cassettes. It is a flat film, but I found it to work well with Pyrocat. Quite a long tonal range. I was getting it in short ends (400') from film emporium for about 12-18/ft., then everyone started to find out about it (yay internet! not!) and it is nearly impossible to get it that way now. Actually I gave up trying. When Freestyle started selling Tri-X as Arista for $2 a roll, I saw no point to using 5222 any more with the hassles of it. I probably still have a couple of rolls, somewhere. There was a guy selling it loaded into cassettes a couple of years ago. If you are just looking to try it, maybe that would be a way to go.

By the way, Edwal 12 is a great developer. I could see 5222 and E-12 being a great combo. I probably even used it myself with 5222, but I don't remember off the top of my head. It is a bit of a pain to mix and use, but it is nice. It has a definite personality. The thread that bowzart mentions above is one of my favorite on APUG. Highly recommended reading.