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Does anyone bring a fishing rod for surf casting if the beach is near? Something else to do at the beach during the most exciting saltwater fishing time of the year (the spring & early summer striper run).
Not a lot of surf in CT. That said, there is good striper fishing from the beach at Harkness Park and lots of fishermen at the rocks right down the road from the cottage- mostly hoping for Porgie (scup), though I usually hope for blackfish (Tautog). As is all too often the case, hopeful is more common than successful. You need a license for salt water fishing in CT (new, dumb idea but enforced.) Bring your rod, but also bring a license.

I'm around in August, and a second shot at a larger gathering is always possible. Let one of us know when you'll be in NE and we can gather just for that! Anything for an excuse.