Will take the xa1..thanks! Steve Harris

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In the last three years that I've been shooting film, I've collected an enormous amount of film gear... most of which is just taking up space. I'm trying to consolidate all my stuff into Nikon (in 35mm at least) and really have no need for this stuff anymore.

I don't really expect to make any money off this junk, I just need it out of here.

Petri FT 1000 - $15

I bought this from my high school last year with my darkroom setup. It's in very good shape except for some scratches on the side (probably deliberate). I have no idea what it's worth, so feel free to make an offer. It takes m42 screwmount lenses - I have two of them that I will list separately, but if you want them, you can have the whole kit for $30.

Petri 55mm f/1.8 - $10

It feels cheap, but it's just like it came fresh from the factory. No scratches or haze, fairly sharp.

Carenar 135 f/2.8 - $10

I like this lens. It focuses surprisingly closely for a 135mm lens and is pretty sharp. I shot this with it: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kuyman/3366318855/.

Minolta Auto 118x Flash - $5

It's tiny, but it does have two auto modes that work well in addition to manual mode. Doesn't make much light, but it's pretty small and fits in my pocket without a problem.

Nikkor-H 28mm f/3.5 (AI converted) - $35

I got burned when I bought this - I paid $60 for it, listed in "mint" condition. It does have a few cleaning scratches on the front element and maybe one on the rear element. It does a nice job though, but f/3.5 is just useless for what I need. It has been AI converted, I believe by Nikon, and works fine one every camera I ever mounted it on.

Nikon n65 with MB-17 Battery Grip - $40

I bought this at a pawn shop (I was desperate) when I was first getting into film. It did a good job for me, but I don't ever use it anymore. The battery grip is actually very nice - it saves on those stupid lithium batteries. It's in good condition except for the plastic protection plate above the top LCD. Accidentally broke that when I stored it inside my saxophone case - saxophone bounced against it and cracked it. It has a few scratches, but it's in very good operating condition and makes a good backup body if you need a modern AF Nikon body.

Vivitar Auto 30D Dedicated - $10

It's a simple flash, no frills, no head rotation, but it makes a lot of light. It's in good shape, I've only used it a couple times.

Olympus XA1 - $10

I found this. I can't even remember where, but I've done some good stuff with it. It isn't the fantastic XA of legend, but it's super simple, no batteries or anything. The lens is the same supersharp piece of glass of it's bigger brother, though.

A portion of all collected money will be given to APUG. I hope some of this stuff's of use to someone. And all the prices are negotiable... I'm not exactly sure what everything is worth. I'll ship the stuff anywhere in the world, just let me know where you are and I'll give you a shipping quote.