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A colleague and I did a modest search of available information on perborate latensification then mulled it over for a while. Here is our lazy, hurried plagiarism of other people’s hard work, with a few insignificant additions, fantasies and elaborations of mine:


Thanks very much for doing this (ahem) leg work on your injured leg.

Your research offers several explanations for why my first attempt at perborate latensification didn't seem to have a great impact:

1. I was using Delta 400, and so your remarks about faster film showing less effect are probably apt.

2. I didn't check the pH of my perborate solution prior to using; could have had something to do with it.

3. Slow shutter speeds. I can't remember, but I may have been shooting at 1 or 2 second exposures.

Did you discover, or do you know, whether the perborate solution must be used as a one-shot, or can it be re-used several times?

Thanks again,