Most camera "appraisals" are way too high in my experience and do not take
into account the working condition of the camera. People inexperienced in
actual vintage camera sales tend to think a particular camera model has
a set value regardless of condition. People who think this also will not listen
when you try to explain the realities of the matter and seem convinced you
are trying to scam them. I've been involved with film camera buying and selling
since the 1970s and I run into this all the time. Another common pain is the
person who wants me to appraise a camera without my looking at it. They
often become quite peeved when I tell them I have to see the camera to give a
realistic appraisal.

The way many people "appraise" a camera is they do a search on eBay for
the highest asking price which they then think is its value. Or, they
find a similar camera which sold at a high price but it was in mint condition
and had high value accessories with it while the camera being appraised is in
junk condition. Trying to explain the fallacy of this approach is often a
waste of time.