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My Kodak 2D will be arriving shortly and is coming with 4X5, 5X7 and 8X10 backs. I have 4X5 and 5X7 film already I am looking forward to some contact prints from 8X10 negs.

Prefer 100 ISO or below, print only, B&W only, expired for cost; but fresh if affordable.

I would like at least 25 sheets, prefer 50 or more. Ilford, Efke, or Foma preferred in that order. Not a big fan of Kodak but please let me know if you have other brands too, I am not too picky.

Please PM with your offer with quantity and price, shipping to 99577 by USPS Priority with delivery confirmation (necessary as UPS is too slow to AK)

Thanks for your offers!
I have...
1 25 sheet box of TMAX 100 8x10 exp 1990
2 25 sheet box of TMAX 400 8x10 exp 1990
1 25 sheet box of TECH PAN 8x10 exp 1990

These have in frozen and they are still in the freezer. You can have all 4 of them for the cost of a USPS priority shipping label. Send me a PM and we'll work it out.