Just bought this lens, didn't realize it was such a big lens and long FL, after speaking with Jim Galli he helped me identify it as a Voigtlander Euryscop Series IV No. 6, 21" f6.2 lens.

The lens is in beautiful condition except it has a dented front ring where a lens hood would have screwed on. The brass is in pretty good shape with some marks but for an over 100 year old lens it looks quite good cosmetically.

The glass is the best part, almost perfect condition. There is a 2mm, very shallow mark on the front element and an even smaller one on the rear element. Otherwise the glass is beautiful. There are a few small specks of dust between the lens pairs but not much and is only visible upon close inspection.

The lens has a slot for waterhouse stops but none are present. Comes with the original flange that screws on easily. The rear lens group will thread out pretty easily, just takes a little elbow grease but the threads are in good shape.

I was told that if the lens hood were present and the front ring was not dented it would be worth approx. $700, due to the small cosmetic imperfections I am pricing lower.

$510 Shipped CONUS by USPS Priority mail with insurance and delivery confirmation.

Here are many photos with measurements by digital calipers to show the physical size.


Please PM with any questions or for a quote for Intl shipping. Payment by PayPal; gift option preferred but if you would like to pay the fees please add 3% to the price.