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As for the 150 and 180 soft lenses for the Mamiya 67s, I'm never comfortable with having to unscrew the front elements to add the discs. It's not happened yet but I'm always nervous about foreign bodies getting into the lens space between the front and rear element housings as well as the risk of cross-threading in a moment of panic or loss of concentration.

One thing I can assure you - the RB67 150 SF lens can deliver excellent images - enjoy it.
I'm not inclined to panic, this lens lends itself more to contemplative shooting but I know exactly what you mean: it's unnerving to pull a lens apart and reassemble it in the field. especially when you have cross threaded the odd device in past lives.

I'm not a portrait photographer, but I have found this lens impressive with close up subjects at its spherical aberration wide aperture settings

With the right subject and lighting--usually moderately contrasty subject brightness levels--a hard to do otherwise "glow" (or fuzziness around the highlights, to be mundane) can be obtained.

Regards - Ross