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WOW, Robert, you're definitely getting there! Incredible!, actual colors! And all that from a "black & white" plate; this is exciting.

How representative is the picture you've attached of the real deal? Does it look better in person? My Lippmann fervor is revived...
Definitely looks better in person. The plate has an iridescence ( the turquoise looks like a beetle ), better color and contrast when properly viewed. The brightness of the surface reflection makes is difficult to photograph. I really need a 10deg prism for better viewing.

One thing that is interesting between the pyro developed and GP-2 developed plates is that this plate ( GP-2 ) has a much tighter viewing angle. Even small changes from optimum angle & the color vanishes. Not the case with the pyro plate. Also the GP-2 plate with 4min exposure is drastically darker than the 2min exposure, almost un-viewable. Whereas the pyro plates at 2min, 4min & 8min all were very close in appearance.

And lastly. These have a rather narrow dynamic range of maybe 3 stops. I'll get a better idea when I get the exposure nailed, but there is only about 3 stops between the solarized mailbox and the tall blue ecium in the background.