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I'm not inclined to panic, this lens lends itself more to contemplative shooting but I know exactly what you mean: it's unnerving to pull a lens apart and reassemble it in the field. especially when you have cross threaded the odd device in past lives.

I'm not a portrait photographer, but I have found this lens impressive with close up subjects at its spherical aberration wide aperture settings

With the right subject and lighting--usually moderately contrasty subject brightness levels--a hard to do otherwise "glow" (or fuzziness around the highlights, to be mundane) can be obtained.

Regards - Ross
Hi Ross,

You're quite right about using the designed aberration in bright light with medium contrast objects - the resulting photos can be quite 'other-wordly'. I think that's often the fun in using special effects lenses in ways that are unconventional given their true purposes.

Wearing my 35mm hat, I used to create some very odd images with the Zeiss PC-Shift and some Softars - fun days....